Who and what is Origin Organics?

Origin Organics is spearheaded by a task team of 3 passionate and knowledgeable individuals.

Julian de la Hunt

BCom Hons Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management

Origin Organics Responsibility

Business Development, Relationship management, Operations, Assessments, Marketing, branding, social media and Communication


Julian de la Hunt, is a business owner, co-founder, entrepreneur, speaker, performance expert and business coach with 15 years’ experience, locally and internationally, in various fields.

He specializes in facilitating Leadership development, Performance management, EQ, Team coaching initiatives, Entrepreneurship and Change Management programmes in both the private and public sectors with teams and individuals.

Julian is also the co-founder and owner of TheMentorHub a skills, mentor and protégé matching tool which aims to close the skills gap in South Africa and reduce the high levels of unemployment through matching the right people with ‘best fit’ mentors across industry.

He is a regular guest on local TV and Radio on topics ranging from leadership, performance, Organisational culture and team identity, to self-improvement, sport, business and more.

Julian’s practical and focused approach helps enable people and organisations to reach their goals and objectives by equipping them with the psychological strategies and tools for success. Julian has recently delivered projects in the US (New York), Singapore, the Middle East and the United Kingdom and combines that experience with the experience gained at the Innovation Hub (small business environment) and Olympic athletics into a truly African context.

Llewellyn Marshall

BSc Computer Science, Information Technology and Mathematics

Origin Organics Responsibility

Business Development, Monitoring, Reporting, Evaluations, and Financial Modelling.


Llewellyn’s career has been primarily focused in the ICT sector, encompassing 11 years of systems engineering and development, solution architecture, and project management. He gained competencies in Human Resources, Finance, Utilities and Material Management modules within SAP, working with over 60 leading SAP global and local clients, covering more than 20 industry sectors.

He has spent the last 4 years managing a number of small business entities, gaining experience in transport logistics, clothing and merchandise branding, property development and sales, and is on the board of two independent investment companies.

Zain Halle

BA Honours Psychology and Criminology

Origin Organics Responsibility

Development and implementation of agricultural and community projects, and report formulation.


Zain has been working with rural and peri-urban communities for the past 10 years within South Africa. He has managed a variety of projects within the non-profit sector and assisted a number of start-up companies; he is able to identify the needs and opportunities of the areas within which he works. He has successfully started Moringa and micro farming projects in a number of rural communities and has trained communities in natural farming methods. Zain through his experience with communities has gained insight into the needs of communities and their social structures which has assisted in understanding the real social and financial challenges of communities, their cultural challenges within a rapidly expanding technological age and the plight of rural youth lacking access to information.

Ranthoyakgale Simon Morule

BPharm & BCom Honors Business Administration, Diplomas in Production & Financial Management, Program for Management Development.

Origin Organics Responsibility



Ranthoyakgale Simon Morule has been in the pharmaceutical industry since he qualified as a pharmacist and in the journey, he has always stood for quality without compromise.

He has held positions from the Production pharmacist to ownership of equity in a Pharmaceutical company. The design experience of 3 pharmaceutical plants, international pharmaceutical plants audits and travel have also contributed to the knowledge he has gathered over the years.
His participation as member of Board/Executive teams, has allowed him gain in financial management and to apply it to his knowledge, for the best of the organizations he has worked for.

He is driven by the optimal quality standards that can be achieved as well as continuous improvement. He contributes immensely to the Healthcare industry in South Africa.

We are also:

  1. Suppliers of several Moringa products
  2. Wholesalers of Moringa where you can buy in bulk
  3. Impact Farmer where you can invest your money and earn from the revenue of the tree