of Moringa

and how it all began!

Origin Organics, is a dynamic health conscious brand, in the Moringa environment in South Africa. Our Moringa farm is a hidden gem, nestled amongst the rolling hills of Mpumalanga. It is where the sun kisses our Moringa trees, giving rise to the superfood for your soul.

Our extremely special plantation, being the origin of these Moringa bearing trees, is nurtured by the most experienced farming hands, ensuring only the best delivery of the finest Moringa for you. This TREE OF LIFE is exactly that, giving you an abundance of nutrients with the benefits of several healing properties!

Our efficient farm is a full turnkey operation that produces:

  • Moringa powder
  • Moringa Capsules
  • Moringa Tea
  • Other moringa products (oil, a range of health beauty products including our whipped butter, hair growth oil, beard oil, shampoo and conditioner and lip balm)

Our Vision

To develop sustainable production systems for Moringa, and other crops, that can be implemented in Africa, for long term financial gain, job creation and poverty alleviation in rural areas. We work from a conservative and responsible farming point of view, and favor an integrated farming system, with the production of both primary and secondary Moringa products, local community development projects, thus reducing risk to the minimum and optimizing the potential for long term success of Moringa and other projects.

Our Mission

Origin Organics is focused on people from all walks of life, enabling them to live an all-rounded healthy lifestyle, through the miracle Moringa products we offer. Powders ingested will give the body health from within, and the beauty range embodies external health.

Our mission, is to create best practice and world leading Moringa plantations, and innovative Moringa product ranges to satisfy a diverse customer base, both locally, as well as the ever-growing international market, thereby building long term, realistic shareholder value whilst always contributing to the South African economy and her people.

We also aim to create sustainable revenue generating opportunities for communities, where previously there were none.

Origin Organics values every member of the value chain and as a result, training and uplifting our wonderful staff, and the local communities through the miracle which is Moringa, is a key focus of the ambitious, yet realistic 5 year skills development plan.